About us

STL's vision is to be recognized as leaders in non-flat, interactive, augmented reality (AR) systems.

Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge, unmatched, memorable experiences to customers by blending real and imaginary worlds. We intend to democratize this technology by making it affordable and easy to deploy.

STL’s offerings have been successfully deployed in the commercial world. 50,000+ customers have experienced our capabilities in large room-sized, interactive, multi-user environments across multiple cities and organizations.

STL was founded by two University of California, Irvine Professors - Dr. Aditi Majumder and Dr. M. Gopi. They are reputed to be amongst the best tech & thought leaders in this field. Since its inception in 2016, STL’s technology has generated extensive interest in commercial and government settings. STL has been funded and supported by the National Science Foundation, and continues to generate interest among the US Department of Defense organizations like the US Army.

About the Founders

Dr. Aditi Majumder is a full professor in UC Irvine and is considered a world leader in projection-based augmented reality with more than 50 publications, multiple best paper awards and more than 10 keynotes around the world. She has worked with a startup, Ostendo Technologies, to build the first curved screen desktop display that won CES best display award in 2009 and was marketed by NEC/Alienware. She has also consulted with Disney Imagineering and Cubic Defense. She is the author of two books in the domain of displays and visual computing.
Dr. M. Gopi is the associate dean of the School of Information and Computer Science and a full professor at UC Irvine. He has more than 60 publications, multiple keynotes and best paper awards and has been an advisor for multiple startups including SimInsights.


In addition to the Founders, our business executive team consists of COO, Stephen Clark, Maj Gen USAF (Ret.) who has served as the Director of Programming for the United States Air Force, SOCOM J8, JSOC Deputy Commanding General and commander at the wing, group and squadron level and our Project Manager, Akhilesh Rathore, with 18+ years of experience in project management.
Our technical team comprises of a University of California, Irvine (UCI) PhD, Dr. Duy Quoc Lai and UCI B.S, Alexander Sidenko, with combined 13+ years of experience in the domain of projected augmented reality and bright software engineers who are Computer Science graduates from UCI.

Dr. Aditi Majumder

Founder & CEO


Alexander Sidenko

Lead Interface Engineer


Dr. Duy Quoc Lai

Lead Systems Engineer


Akhilesh Rathore

Project Manager


Dr. M. Gopi 

Co-Founder & Technical Advisor


Maj Gen USAF (Ret.) Stephen Clark