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Say Goodbye to Flat, Hello to Curves


Special Events

Blend Real with Virtual to Create Unique, Memorable Digital Experiences

Special events

Multi-User Interactive Experience

Gamify Experiential Activations

Activate Surfaces of Any Shape & Size

Curved, Wrap-around 360-degree Displays

Cinematic Quality, Immersive Storytelling

Interact With Objects in Fun, Interesting Ways
  • Digital content is projected on a Vase surface with tapered curves.

  • A tablet-based interface is then used to interact with the 3D vase directly.

  • Painting, texturing and other applications are demonstrated with multiple users in real-time.

Differentiate Your Environment with New Digital Display Formats
  • This 360-degree circular display is ideal for lobby, events, conferences & booths.

  • The interactive circular screen can be split into unlimited sections with each section delivering a specific message.

  • The unique circular design allows for space optimization and blends esthetically with the surroundings.

Wow Your Viewers with Unique, Memorable Experiences
  • A bust of Beethoven is illuminated with 3 projectors.

  • It can change appearances or even become dynamic with voice commands from multiple users around it

Note: Depending on the actual project, software licenses are available on a case-by-case basis
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