A portable, rapidly deployable, deployable, (pack and go) large interactive display for tracking cross domain events, C2 across multiple domains (MDC2), enhanced situational awareness, training, large data visualization, and other applications.

• Large form factor: 150” diagonal seamless
• Cinematic quality
    o Vivid details: 4K resolution
    o High brightness: 20,000+ lumens
    o Vivid colors at high contrast
• Compact footprint: 10’Wx8’Hx3’D
• Portable packaging: < ~4x60lbs or 1x240 lbs
• Assembly Time: < 30 minutes
• Laser pen based interaction interface
• Data analytics backbone for performance and usage evaluation
Semi finalist (top 24 out of 250) in US Army xTechsearch

    3.0 competition

Potential Advantages or Uses within Airforce/DoD
• Integrated Air Warning (AW ), Missile Warning ( MW), Common Operating Picture (COP)
• Enhanced Situational Awareness
• Tactile Air Control Party Modernization (TACP M)
• Agile Command and Control (C2) across Multiple Domains (MDC2)
• Usage in aggregated Op Center, or disaggregated teams or theater Squadron
• Base of the Future Concepts (improve operational efficiency and effectiveness)
• Visual Systems for large data visualizations, training or simulation

Potential Impact USAF Focus Areas: Strategic Warning Pitch Day, Theater Battle Control Division, Prototyping and Testing New Options for an advanced joint MDC 2 Simulators Program Office, Base of the Future Concepts, Technology and Technology Applications, Tactical Level Innovation Opportunities, Immersive Training Solutions, National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).

Dual Use Technology: A large high resolution display that can be deployed anytime, anywhere at a fraction of time, cost, and ease than a large panel based display Ideal for exhibitions, events, trade shows, conferences, labs, workshops, training centers, base camps or forward bases.