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Discovery Cube,

Orange County & Los Angeles

Large Format Curved Displays for Immersive Experience

What: Two large curved screens - 25 ft tall x 18 ft wide and 18 ft tall x 18 ft wide (150-degree cylinder) was brought alive for cockpit simulation for multiple users in real-time. Users experience a high-resolution immersive video.

When: Aug 2019

How: 3 front-projectors were used to project on up to 600 sq ft circular screen (150-degree cylinder). STL software was used to blend, stitch and align 3 individual screen feeds from the projectors seamlessly. The entire display (hardware & software) was designed and executed by STL. Hardware provided by Discovery.

Impact: 40,000 attendees / month

project 1

EERI Conference, Los Angeles, CA

Advertise your media in a 360 degree wrap-around Mediaquarium
project 2

What: Mediaquarium, a cylindrical aquarium-like wrap-around display, 5 ft in diameter, was used as an exhibit in the Conference Center Lobby to stream live conference feed, live social media feed, sponsorship acknowledgments, and promotional media. 4 individual screen feeds were seamlessly wrapped around the circumference.

When: April 2018 (@ Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Conference)

How: Multiple rear-projectors were used to project onto the 5ft diameter fully enclosed circular screen. STL software was used to blend, stich and align 4 individual screen feeds from the projectors seamlessly. The entire display (hardware & software) was designed and executed by STL.

Impact: ~500 attendees

project 5

Segerstrom Center for the Arts,

Orange County, CA

Entertain with interactive digital exhibits

What: Multiple interactive 3D experiences for families who visited the arena for a live music band event. The interaction was gamified for multiple players playing together on a smart, responsive screen.

When: April 2018 (@ public Event called Brilliance)

How: A non-flat, curved 4K interactive display is illuminated by 4 off-the-shelf consumer-level rear-projectors. The interactive screen with gamification along with projector aggregation (i.e. hardware & software) were all built and delivered by STL as one combined packaged solution.

Impact: ~500 Visitors

In the Media / Press Release:

Holodome in Museum of Pop Culture

Wrap-around seamless projections on inflatable screens to create experiences to be enjoyed together
project 4

What: Fully immersive (wrap-around) experience for groups of 6 without any headsets; 12-ft diameter, interactive, the spherical cinema experience

When: May 2018

How: STL’s software solution aggregated content from 4 Projectors, 9.6K resolution, 53 million pixels per frame at 30 frames per second, 1.4 billion pixels per second. Hardware provided by MoPop.

Impact: 20,000+ Visitors

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In the Media / Press Release:

LA Mayor's Forum, CA

Personalize Any Content on Any Surface in Real-Time and Interact with it
project 6

What: A simple tabletop object (a white Vase) with a complex surface contour is transformed by projecting live videos & images on to the Vase surface. The otherwise inert Vase surface comes alive as it interacts and responds to hand gestures, and allows to personalize any content directly onto the Vase surface in real-time.

When: April 2018

How: An $8 white vase is illuminated by 8 Sony portable pico projectors, both tiled and superimposed, to increase resolution and brightness, respectively. It uses 8 cameras in feedback loop to achieve aggregation. A tablet-based interface is then used to interact with the 3D vase directly to provide painting and texturing applications. Hardware & software built by STL.

Impact: ~500 Visitors

Allosphere, University of California,

Santa Barbara, CA

Fully Immersive, Room-Scale Virtual Reality Experience for Large Groups
project 3

What: 3-story (32 ft) high globe with interactive 3-D visualization on a total projected area of 3,400 sq. ft. Fully immersive, virtual reality experience for groups of 30 without any headsets

When: Oct 2016

How: STL’s software platform created a seamless display by aggregating content from 26 projectors (~20 million pixels) driven by a cluster of 13 PCs and observed by 16 cameras. Hardware provided by UCSB.

Impact: Thousands of Visitors

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