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Transportable Interactive Large Display

This product is being developed via a $1.875M federal SBIR grant to be used by USAF for their command and control. It has also been chosen as a semi-finalist in the US Army’s Xtechsearch competition. In the commercial sector, the potential use of the display can be in events, conference, gaming and training centers.


STL’s patented projector aggregation software uses multiple feedback cameras to automatically and rapidly warp and blend 4-8 tiled and stacked projectors to create a large display. The same cameras track user interaction via laser pens on the display and respond to it. The rapid setup is enabled by light and efficient design by our design partner Lime Rock


Curved Configuration


Flat Configuration


Collapsed Frame


Large format (150’’ diagonal)

Flat or curved 

High Resolution (4K, ~0.8mm pixel pitch)

Compact footprint: 11’W x 8’Hx 3’D 

Objective Assembly Time: < 30 minutes by two people

Laser pen based interaction interface


Basic (with 4 projectors)

High Brightness (20K+ lumens)

Portable packaging: < ~4x60lbs 

Premium (with 8 projectors)

High Brightness (40K+ lumens)

Portable packaging: < ~6x60lbs 

Proof of Concept Video:

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