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Unified 3D Hand Gesture Based Control (UHGC) for Transportable Large Display

We have received an STTR Phase 1 award of $150K with University of California, Irvine as a subcontractor to explore the feasibility of the use of UHGC to rapidly control/manipulate, in all dimensions, (a) the projected 3D visualization of Humanitarian Disaster Relief (HDR); and (b) the UAV itself. This allows simultaneous visualization of the terrain conditions and the parts observed by the UAV as its path is continuously manipulated – all controlled by the same UHGC. As part of this proposal, we will also seek appropriate USAF customers and end-users who can use the UHGC in conjunction with our Transportable Interactive Display to create a hitherto unforeseen large display with 3D interaction modalities.

Concept rendering of Interactive 3D Visualization of a dense urban terrain (near Eiffel Tower on Google Maps)


Panning gesture from bottom to top to get Eiffel Tower in View


Zoom out for a wider angle view


Rotate gesture to see Napoleon's tomb on far side of the Seine river


Zoom in gesture or close up of Nepoleon's tomb

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