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Democratizing Projected AR

Interactive Displays Anytime, Anywhere
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Cinematic Quality

Seamless Stitching and Blending

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Automated Mapping

Installation & Calibration Done in Minutes

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High Resolution

Crisp, Bright, Vibrant


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Fast Set-Up

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Multi-User Interaction

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Uses Off-the Shelf Consumer Level Products

When projectors are used to display digital content on a curved surface, the imagery is distorted due to the underlying non-flat shape. When displays span very large flat or curved surfaces, using multiple projectors is essential. In such cases, content from each projector has to be color blended and aligned across the boundaries in addition to imagery distortion.
Today, such large displays are prohibitively expensive, require highly trained professionals, and are therefore limited to theme parks and museums.
Multi-projector displays can help construct high-resolution, inviting, immersive, 360-surround environments that are impossible using flat rigid displays.
Multi-projector displays, when available at an affordable price, open up a myriad of possibilities in both B2B and B2C segments.
STL’s has developed a patented comprehensive software platform that democratizes projected AR by making it highly affordable, scalable, and very easy to deploy.
STL’s software:
  1. seamlessly aggregates multiple projectors on 3D surfaces of any shape or size, be it a tabletop object or the Great Wall Of China; and
  2. allows multiple-users to interact with this display using modalities like gestures, laser pointers or their mobile devices.
The magic lies in sensing the display and users around it using multiple cameras.
We combine years of experience in
  • projection-based augmented reality
  • multi-camera sensing
  • 3D shape reconstruction, geometric processing of color gamut
  • distributed systems
  • and GPU based processing
to deliver stunning interactive displays on any 3D surface at an affordable cost and portable form factors.
Backed by 7 patents, this platform technology automates the entire process and completes the un-distortion, geometric registration, stitching, and blending of individual pixels and images from multiple projectors in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, all this is easily accomplished on curved surfaces of any size, shape or scale.
For the first time, this has opened up low-cost, scalable, rapid deployment of high-resolution interactive and/or immersive environments on any surfaces and in varied commercial settings (flexible dome displays, trade show exhibits, projection on pillars, commercial awnings, shopping arcades, media facades, statues & mannequins, public art, and everyday retail consumer objects like shoes, purses, etc.).
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