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Large immersive cylindrical multi-projector display at Discovery Cube Santa Ana, California

Ultra Fast System Calibration

Spatially Augmented Reality

Automated Projection Mapping Software Platform

Summit Technology Laboratory has created the next generation software platform for Spatially Augmented Reality (SAR). 

Introducing Artemis™, a unitary software that uses computer vision and complex algorithms to fully automate the 4D projection mapping pipeline.  Artemis™ is agnostic to shape complexity or size of the projection surface, easily scales resolution via tiling and brightness via superimposition of multiple projectors, handles high degrees of ambient lighting and integrates seamlessly with Unreal Engine™ based image generators.

Since Artemis™ is centered around computer vision and complex computational methods to automate every function, the set-up time for a multi-projector system is measured in minutes not hours or days like traditional projection mapping systems.  No more manual alignments, no more hand-tweaking grids, no longer constrained to basic shapes or expensive LIDAR scans.  Artemis™ can capture the most complex of shapes to include 360 degree and is capable of front, rear or a combination.  It works on static, dynamic and even deformable surfaces and can automatically generate  the 3D mesh of the projection surface, at a density of your choice . 



Our Technology

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“The STL software guarantees that we have a perfectly warped and blended 12K image every time we turn on the projection system, with just a few seconds of hands-on time. This means we don't have to worry about the picture quality if we change projector bulbs, bump the projectors, change lighting in the room, or move the screen. The camera setup works with our fixed cockpit and with our ambient lighting, so we don't have to change anything to perform a calibration.“ 
Andrew Gregg, Senior Systems Engineer, Regent Craft, 2023,


Apr 2023: STL’s software powers Regent’s SeaGlider simulator

STL’s software, Artemis™, powered a 3-projector, 230 degree surround, cylindrical seaglider simulation display for training and product demonstrations.

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