Create Engaging Environments

Re-inventing Interactive Projected AR on Curved Surfaces  With 100x Faster Installation Times & Significant Cost Savings

  • Interactive

  • 4K Quality in Ambient Light

  • Lightweight, Fast Installation

  • Curved Designs in Large Formats


We work with Production Houses, Event/Experiential Agencies, Exhibition Designers & Builders, Trade Show Companies, Content Producers, A/V Companies, Marketing  Agencies,Venue Managers, Museums, Architects, and Entertainment Companies 
who use our products or software & integrate them into their offerings.

Create Engaging Environments

Deliver interactive, multi-user experience on surfaces of any size, shape & scale

From Projection on Complex 3D Surfaces


To Everyday Objects with Curved Surfaces


To Simple, Curved Surfaces

WOW Audiences

with Cinematic Quality

Grow Booth Traffic

at high ROI

Make a Bold Impression

with High Resolution, Bright, Vibrant Colors

Low Shipping and Drayage Cost

with Lightweight, Compact Portable Design

Engage Future Customers

through Interactive Displays

Simple, Fast Set Up

with Automated Mapping Software



Discovery Cube, Orange County & Los Angeles

Two large curved screens - 25 ft tall x 18 ft wide and 18 ft tall x 18 ft wide (150 degree cylinder) were brought to life for cockpit simulation for multiple users in real-time. Users experience a high-resolution immersive video.


Holodome Museum of Pop (MoPop) Culture, Seattle, WA

Fully immersive (wrap-around) experience for groups of 6 without any headsets; 12-ft diameter, interactive, spherical cinema experience.

EERI Conference, Los Angeles,

A Mediaquarium, a cylindrical aquarium-like wrap around display, 5 ft in diameter, was used as an exhibit in the Conference Center Lobby to stream live conference feed, live social media feed, sponsorship acknowledgments, and promotional media. 4 individual screen feeds were seamlessly wrapped around the circumference.


Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Orange County, CA

Multiple interactive 3D experiences for families who visited the arena for a live music band event. The interaction was gamified for multiple players playing together on a smart, responsive screen.


Allosphere, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

3-story (32 ft) high globe with interactive 3-D visualization on a total projected area of 3,400 sq. ft.. Fully immersive, virtual reality experience for groups of 30 without any headsets.

LA Mayor's Forum,


A simple tabletop object (a white Vase) with a complex surface contour is transformed by projecting live videos & images on to the Vase surface. The otherwise inert Vase surface comes alive as it interacts and responds to hand gestures, and allows to personalize any content directly onto the Vase surface in real-time.

Recent News

STL awarded $1.875M SBIR Phase II funding

STL won a SBIR from AFWERX with matching funds from Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) in June 2020 to enhance and ruggedize its Decision Pod.

STL an xTechSearch semifinalist

STL was one of the top 24 teams out of 250 at the U.S. Army's Expeditionary  Technology Search (xTechSearch) 2019 for its paradigm shifting technology in November.

Exhibit powered by STL software launches in Discovery Science Centers

Two branches of the Discovery Cube Science Center, Los Angeles and Orange County, re-launch their Helicopter demos now powered by STL's software in October.

STL places at TechSurge competition

STL were the runner-ups at the 2019 Tech Surge competition held at the University of California, Irvine in June.

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