Way Beyond Warp and Blend

Powerful multi-projection mapping software

STL is developing a deeptech multi-patented SW platform (7 issued and 2 pending patents) for fully automated projection mapping on surfaces of any shape, size, or complexity to help large companies and Federal agencies manipulate light projection with extreme precision and resolution while allowing thousands of small companies, museums, hospitals, universities, and schools to gain access to this emerging technology enabling them to teach, understand, interact or entertain their customers, audiences, and students more effectively.

With the use of feedback cameras, the SW automatically and digitally recovers the surface shape and continuously aggregates and refines multiple projectors seamlessly while tracking user interaction in real-time making systems extremely easy to install and maintain while creating higher quality (in terms of resolution and color) experiences.


  • No shape input

    Our SW automatically recovers the complex surface shape - from room-sized environments to life-sized statues to tabletop objects -  eliminating the need of input of scanned surface geometry

  • Completely scalable

    Our SW is hardware agnostic allowing any number or kind of projectors --  ultra-short throw to long throw projectors, front or rear projectors, consumer or professional projectors. 

  • Interactive

    Our SW responds to user interaction by continuous tracking of laser pens or gestures via the feedback cameras or by integrating interactions made via mobile phone/tablet 

  • Stack and tile

    Our SW allows not only tiling of projectors to increase scale and resolution of the display, but also allows superposition of the projectors to increase the brightness.

  • Precise alignment

    Our SW achieves precision alignment with error in the order of less than a pixel on the display.

  • Shape conforming

    Our automated shape recovery allows view-independent projections that wrap in a wallpaper-like manner conforming to the underlying complex shapes 

  • Ready in minutes

    Our SW allows push-of-a-button calibration in a few minutes enabling quick and easy deployment and maintenance.

  • Seamless in color

    Our SW patented per pixel color manipulation techniques achieves seamless color across the display even with consumer devices with low color uniformity



  • holodome2.jpg

    Holodome Museum of Pop (MoPop) Culture, Seattle, WA 

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  • Picture2.png

    Allosphere, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 

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  • segerstorm.JPG

    Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Orange County, CA

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Movie Projector


“The tech demonstration exceeded all expectations. The large TV was easy to see and was preferred by all users over VR goggles.  After a few nights of reduced sleep, we found the TV much easier to use than a laptop screen.  While not intended for use during the main event of Advanced battle management system (ABMS), it was adopted for that over other display options.“

Adam “Trader” Chitwood, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF


  • STL awarded $1.875M SBIR Phase II funding

    Stl won a SBIR from AFWERX with matching funds from Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) in June 2020 to enhance and ruggedized its Decision Pod

  • STL an xTechSearch semifinalist

    STL was one of the top 24 teams out of 250 at the U.S. Army's Expeditionary  Technology Search (xTechSearch) 2019 for its paradigm shifting technology in November.

  • Exhibit powered by STL software launches in Discovery Science Centers

    Two branches of the Discovery Cube Science Center, Los Angeles and Orange County, re-launch their Helicopter demos now powered by STL's software in October.

  • STL places at TechSurge competition

    STL were the runner-ups at the 2019 Tech Surge competition held at the University of California, Irvine in June.


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