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Projection-map AR

Anything is possible!

Seamlessly aggregates multiple projectors on 3D surfaces of any shape or size - be it a tabletop object or the Great Wall Of China!

Multi-user Interation

Allows multiple users to interact with this display using modalities like gestures, laser pointers or their mobile devices.
The magic lies in sensing the display and users around it using multiple cameras. We combine years of experience in projection-based augmented reality, multi-camera sensing, 3D shape reconstruction, geometric processing of color gamuts, distributed systems, and GPU based processing to deliver stunning interactive displays on any 3D surface at an affordable cost and portable form factors.


and Blending

and much more...


Multi-User Interaction




Any non-flat shape

Completely Automated

Installed in Minutes


Incredibly Accurate

Sub-pixel Accuracy


Lightweight + Compact




Full Color Seamlessness


Remove Commas from Cost



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Holodome in Museum of Pop Culture

Our software platform is being used to aggregate contents from 4 projectors on 12' feet diameter spherical inflatable display based exhibit called Holodome in Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, WA from May 2018. More 20,000 visitors have seen the exhibit during the summer of 2018. A similar set up is being used by game developers at WeVR in Los Angeles, CA.

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Holodome at MoPop

4 Projectors

Smooth Surface




for EERI

The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) is a leading technical society in dissemination of earthquake risk and earthquake engineering research both in the U.S. and globally. EERI members include researchers, geologists, geotechnical engineers, educators, government officials, and building code regulators. We presented the mediaquarium, a cylindrical aquarium-like wrap around display, 5 ft in diameter, that was used as a lobby exhibit in significant ambient light to stream multiple live and canned streams of media including sponsorship acknowledgement slides, organizer's promotional media, live social media aggregated feed (e.g. facebook, twitter, instagram), live photo library feed, live feed of video to observe shake table competitions in various locations in the conference.

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UCI Innovation

4 Projectors, 5 Projectors, 8 Projectors
Smooth Surface




We presented the interactive painting application on a vase at the LA Mayor's Forum. A $8 vase from Amazon is illuminated by 8 Sony portable pico projectors, both tiled and superimposed, to increase resolution and brightness respectively. This uses 8 cameras in feedback loop to achieve aggregation. A tablet based interface is then used to interact with the 3D vase directly to provide a painting and texturing application.


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Calit2 Interface Magazine

8 Projectors

Smooth Surface


Allosphere Media Arts Center

An educational license of STL's software is being used to create seamless display on a three-storied double hemispherical structure of the Allosphere Media Arts Center at UC Santa Barbara. Each hemisphere uses 26 projectors driven by a cluster of 13 PCs and observed by 16 cameras. Allosphere is a collaborative center used by faculty across the campus for their high resolution audio-visual visualization needs.

Brilliance in Segerstrom Center for Arts

Segerstrom Center for the Arts, originally called Orange County Performing Arts Center, is a performing arts complex located in Costa Mesa, California, United States, which opened in 1986 and today is a premier location for arts and entertainment. We were the main attraction of an evening public event called "Brilliance" in April 2018 attended by around 500 people. We provided multiple interactive 3D experiences for families who visited the arena focusing on a live music band. The interactive veil, the most popular or those, is a inexpensive non-flat curved 4K interactive display on a shower curtain illuminated by 4 projectors. It was gamified by a multi-player balloon popping game that was played by all, including kids as young as 3 years old, using a simple colored laser pointer based interface.

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UCI Innovation

 4 Projectors, 5 Projectors, 8 Projectors
 Smooth Surface

Exhibit in Southwest Showcase

We exhibited our MVPs in the Tecc Society booth for Interactive Digital Backdrop, Lightbox and Tabletop Display at Southwest Showcase (SWS) in Jan 2018 at Austin, TX.  SWS is a large regional meet for tradeshow industry providers bringing in around 1000 attendees. TeccSociety is an association of decision makers, buyers and vendor partners in the domain of tradeshow, conventions and hospitality that work together to increase their essential knowledge and strategies that impact the market in positive manner. The interactive demonstrations drew more feet than the adjacent booth featuring a 10'x6' LED panel display.